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Millionair Club Charity becomes Uplift Northwest

100 year old nonprofit gets a fresh new look with the same great mission

Uplift Northwest provides jobs during pandemic

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STEP (Strategy, Training, Employment, Performance): Helping Workers Take a Big STEP Towards Employment

The goal of the STEP Program is to assist workers navigate to a living wage career path through employment, job-readiness training, workshops and support services. Learn more about the program.

Uplift Northwest is a Seattle non-profit temporary staffing organization that provides hundreds of workers to a wide variety of commercial and residential employers in the Puget Sound Region. We serve our community by providing job training, dignified work opportunities, and support services to men and women experiencing poverty and homelessness. Our privately funded operation runs on the support and generosity of our community donors and partners.

Just like our founder Martin Johanson did in 1921, we believe a job provides hope and an opportunity to stabilize one’s life. The Puget Sound Region is home to many men and women experiencing poverty and homelessness, and we believe providing dignified jobs is an essential component to rebuilding a thriving community.

Our proven jobs first program gets people back onto the path of self-sufficiency. In 2019, 907 people became job ready through Uplift Northwest’s Temporary Staffing Agency and earned over $2.1 million in collective wages. For those experiencing homelessness and poverty, this money is the difference between starvation, eviction, and getting their families off the streets. In the last few years, hundreds of Uplift Northwest workers earned permanent job placements and housing referrals, and this has the potential to translate into tens of millions of taxpayer dollars saved in public service expenses.

Uplift Northwest got me a job immediately, and they helped me out with food, work clothes, a shower, and laundry. It’s the best temporary job agency I’ve ever seen.”


Amusements on Demand was looking for help, and we tried the usual job service sites, and it didn’t work out so well. I was referred to Uplift Northwest, and they’ve been some of the best workers we’ve ever had. They’re not just reliable; they care about growing the company. You’re hiring people who want to better their lives and want to make your company successful.”

Ari Hoffman Owner

I support Uplift Northwest because they provide a ‘hand-up’ not a ‘hand-out.’ They have a proven record of success in helping the homeless resurrect their lives through their jobs program.”

Sam Baker 

IPM hires workers to staff parking operations for UW Huskies games. It’s an easy and convenient way for me find good workers. Years ago, Uplift Northwest actually helped me and my family when we came to America as refugees. I am honored to be part of the mission and I look forward to a long term partnership with Uplift Northwest.”

Vladi Sevoyan Vice President of IPM

Uplift Northwest has been helping people find jobs since my Father’s time. They are changing lives with their jobs first program by helping people truly help themselves.”

Michael Malone 

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Our Mission: We guide people on their path to self-sufficiency by providing employment and job readiness services.