In 2021, Uplift Northwest continued to expand our work to break the cycle of poverty. Thanks to strong community-wide support that enables us to stabilize our workers with wraparound services, mobilize them through free job training and job placement services, and change their lives for the better by helping them achieve long-term quality jobs and housing.


Our Employment Programs


Uplift Northwest employment programs support our workers at every step of their journey. INTAKE gets them started; ORIENTATION provides the skills and matches them to the right job; CASE MANAGEMENT supports them on their path, and our STEP PROGRAM provides them with critical tools they will need to achieve long-term living wage employment.

Food Handlers and Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST) are two certifications that Uplift Northwest
provides to workers to prepare them for employment.

In 2021, we provided:

Wraparound Services

To help workers be job-ready we provide a variety of wraparound services including prescription eyeglasses from our in-house eye clinic, and housing either at our own Kasota apartment building or other housing providers.

35 People Housed

96 People Given Eyeglasses

Oct. 2021 – Dec. 2021

Training Programs

Uplift Northwest provides job training to workers as they progress through the STEP (Strategy, Training, Employment, Performance) Program. These vocation training programs, in collaboration with our partners, allow workers to earn advanced credentials and allow them to take a big STEP towards a living wage career.

Employer Partnerships

Business Enterprise

Uplift Northwest is proud to partner with 305 employers around the region to provide our workers with quality jobs. Our workers can be found in industries including landscaping, housekeeping, litter abatement and sanitation, hospitality, food service and preparation and so much more. At any given sporting event, you are likely engaging with an Uplift Northwest worker serving you food, helping you park your car and more.

Thanks to our community of supporters Uplift Northwest continues our work to break the cycle of poverty and help men and women on their pathway to living-wage careers.


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