Worker Rates

Please see the table below to estimate costs for your work order. If you do not see the appropriate industry listed for your request, please call us at (206) 728-5627 for a custom quote. Rates listed are subject to change. Please submit a work order request for a full quote.

Type of Labor

Hourly Rate

4-Hour Minimum

Bartender $28.87 $115.48
Carpentry 31.74 126.96
Cashier/Concessions $28.87 $115.48
Construction $31.74 $126.96
Cook/Prep Cook $28.87 $115.48
Data Entry Clerk $28.05 $112.20
Dishwasher/Busser $28.87 $115.48
Driver $31.95 $127.80
Food Processor $29.15 $116.60
Gate Guard $29.02 $116.08
Hauling Debris – Construction $31.74 $126.96
Housekeeper $28.94 $115.76
Janitor/Building Custodian $28.94 $115.76
Manufacturing $30.39 $121.56
Landscape Maintenance $28.94 $115.76
Litter Abatement $28.94 $115.76
Moving Assistance $28.94 $115.76
Office Assistant $28.05 $112.20
Parking Attendant $29.02 $116.08
Painter/Pressure Washer $31.74 $126.96
Prep Cook $28.87 $115.48
Restaurant Server or Suite Attendant $28.87 $115.48
Shelter Monitor $29.02 $116.08
Staging/Setup & Teardown $29.61 $118.44
Traffic Flagging $31.74 126.96
Trash Removal $28.94 $115.76
Trench Digging $31.74 $126.96
Warehouse/ Light Assembly $29.61 $118.44
Warehouse/ Packaging $28.55 $114.20

The rates above vary according to the amount of tax charged by Labor & Industries for a job.  Jobs listed above are examples of the work commonly performed by our employees.  Jobs that have specialized requirements or Involve the management of other Individuals may be charged at rates other than those listed above. Please consult with a Business Account Representative to discuss the unique requirements of your position.

Services Uplift Northwest workers CANNOT perform include:

Asbestos removal; work in or around hazardous/biohazardous waste and/or pest infestations; deep digging more than 4 feet; electrical; ladder work above 8 feet, and not above a single story (individual’s feet must be within 4 feet of the ground); moving or loading any large, expensive, or complicated furniture (pianos, grandfather clocks, hutches, etc.); packing articles for a move; moving or loading any unsealed items, including clothing, bedding, etc.; plumbing; roof work; work in confined places; tasks that require the use of power tools and saws.

Labor Service Agreement

Please fill and sign Labor Service agreement prior to start of your first work order.

Success Stories

IPM hires workers to staff parking operations for UW Huskies games. It’s an easy and convenient way for me find good workers. Years ago, Uplift Northwest actually helped me and my family when we came to America as refugees. I am honored to be part of the mission and I look forward to a long term partnership with Uplift Northwest.”

Vladi Sevoyan Vice President of IPM

We need to provide opportunities for people to build better lives. We want to help people who have been struggling to have steady employment and the satisfaction of a job well done, and to improve neighborhood quality of life for everyone. [King County’s partnership with Uplift Northwest in White Center clean-up] is a pilot, and I hope that it will provide lessons that can be deployed throughout unincorporated King County, and beyond.”

Dow Constantine King County Executive

Amusements on Demand was looking for help, and we tried the usual job service sites, and it didn’t work out so well. I was referred to Uplift Northwest, and they’ve been some of the best workers we’ve ever had. They’re not just reliable; they care about growing the company. You’re hiring people who want to better their lives and want to make your company successful.”

Ari Hoffman Owner

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