My name is Isaac.

Before telling you who I am – let me tell you who I was.

I was jobless, I was making bad decisions, and I didn’t have direction in my life. Like so many others in Seattle, I needed help to get started down the right path.

That’s when I was directed towards Uplift Northwest, where Tammy Cable hired me and put me to work on a litter abatement team. The crew was new to the project, and I was new to the mission of Uplift Northwest.

I was curious about the mission, but in all honesty, at that point, it was just a way for me to make money. That all changed when I started to learn about what we were doing and understand the impact a job – this job – was having on the members of my crew and the neighborhoods where we were working.

It clicked. I got it. It took a little time, but I got the mission of Uplift Northwest. I saw it every day
as we helped each other and the community. I knew I could do more. I wanted to learn more.

I started to talk more with the crew – about their needs and challenges. What led them to Uplift
Northwest, and what kept them coming back. Just like me, they believed that they could take
control of their lives through work. I found that out too. And I wanted to do more to help others.

That was two years ago.

Now, let me tell you who I am today.

I am one of Uplift Northwest’s Business Account Representatives. I now work for the Business
Enterprise in the temporary staffing office, and I spend my days connecting our workers to jobs at our employer partners. It’s not just any work. But work that makes sense to them. Work that fits their skill sets, life situation, and short and long-term plans. It’s like matchmaking, so we’re setting everyone up for a chance at success.

This is not an easy job. Everyone who comes here has a unique story that led to experiencing
extreme poverty or even homelessness.

My goal is to learn their story to help turn their decision to come to Uplift Northwest into a
truly life-changing decision. I hope to empower everyone I work with through employment.

We have big goals at Uplift Northwest. And, one thing I’ve learned is that none of this is
possible without the support from people like you.

When you give to Uplift Northwest, you are funding jobs like mine – jobs that I know firsthand
are changing people’s lives.

You are funding hope for people who have very little.

Thank you for believing in me and Uplift NW.
Isaac Anderson

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