Uplift Northwest provides job opportunities during COVID-19 pandemic

by | September 22, 2020

Vulnerable populations, like those experiencing poverty and homelessness, have been hit hard by the COVID-19 economic downturn. Thousands of jobs disappeared as businesses closed, and this left people scrambling to pay rent and stay safe. Life on the street and sleeping in shelters offers little protection from the contagious virus, so a steady job with livable wages offers one of the most effective paths to a healthy home.

Uplift Northwest’s century-old employment program worked hard to answer the community’s need. Although many of Uplift Northwest’s partnering employers had closed their doors in early 2020, Uplift Northwest found new job opportunities that not only provided steady wages but also served the greater community.

Working with King County, City of Seattle, Plymouth Housing, and more, Uplift Northwest provided steady job opportunities to dozens of men and women in need. Some workers cleaned the streets of White Center, some operated community hygiene centers throughout downtown Seattle, and others provided sanitation services to low-income housing units. Uplift Northwest vetted all work opportunities for safety protocols and ensured a healthy work environment for workers and community members alike. New job opportunities continue to emerge as more businesses open up, and Uplift Northwest will lead the employment charge as the city safely reopens.

Workers need jobs that will put a roof over their heads, and that is why Uplift Northwest is expanding its partnership with Seattle Jobs Initiative to provide career training and certification programs in a variety of fields. These include flagging, welding, and medical technician training. Compared to 2019, Uplift Northwest workers are averaging up to 4x greater monthly salaries thanks to higher-paying, long-term career opportunities.

None of this essential work would be possible without the astounding community support received in 2020. Through individual giving, matching funds, grants, and partnerships, Uplift Northwest received hundreds of thousands of dollars that went straight back into supporting workers through this pandemic. Workers received rental assistance, increased job training opportunities, additional protective measures and equipment, food vouchers, and advice on how to navigate available community resources. These workers are determined to get back on their own two feet, and you make that possible.

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